Membership ($89 per month)

It is our utmost concern that our members maintain a neat appearance at all times.
It is for this reason that we created the “Gentlemen’s Elite Membership”.

Our membership includes:

  • 1 Proper haircut per month
  • Unlimited edge clean-ups
  • Unlimited neck clean-ups with hot lather and a straight razor
  • 1 Noble Shave (a 2 steam towel shave with cucumber eye peels)
  • 1 Rub & Buff shoe shine (in the chair shoe shine)
  • 1 Luminous Luster shoe shine (extreme clean “drop off” service) 
  • A drawer in our private reserve cabinet to store your favorite bottle of spirit
  • Free parking in the McDaniel parking garage

At Dapper its not enough to groom our members on the outside but our goal to create a true “Man About Town”.
Therefore membership includes free entrance to all of our classes which includes:

  • Scotch classes and tastings
  • Chivalry & etiquette classes
  • Fly-fishing classes
  • Coffee brewing classes
  • Fashion lessons
  • Knife sharpening classes
  • And more